REVOLUTION (isolated image gallery)

"Are You?" linocut print
Peter Towson, Are You?, 2018, linocut, 10in x 8in (whoops!).



"Rocks Move in the Desert" acrylic on panel painting
Mary Beth Francis, Rocks Move in the Desert, 2018, acrylic on wood panel, 4in x 4in.



"Call for Action" silkscreen print
Jeff Sharp, Call for Action, 2017, silkscreen, 6.25in x 4.5in.



"Orignial Sin" pen and ink with letterpress print
Jeff Sharp, Original Sin, 2018, pen and ink with letterpress, 6.25in x 4.5in.



"Youthquake" letterpress print
Jeff Sharp, Youthquake, 2018, letterpress, 4.5in x 6.25in.



"Revolution" acrylic on canvas painting
Lauren Latané-Valis, Revolution, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 7in x 5in.



"Doomed" acrylic on canvas painting
Lauren Latané-Valis, Doomed, 2018, acrylic on canvas, colored pencil and marker, 5in x 7in.



"Raw/War" mixed media artwork
Jim Roberts, Raw/War, 2018, mixed media (wood, beeswax, metal type, metal, acrylic paint, and shellac), 7in x 5in x 6in.