SELF (isolated image gallery)

"Fast Forward" 2018 letterpress

Jeff Sharp, “Fast Forward”, 2018, clay toned paper & letterpress, 6.25in x 4.5in.
"Fast Forward" lasercut letterpress printers block Jeff Sharp, “Fast Forward” lasercut letterpress printers block, 2018, wood, 5in x 3.75in.




"Freedom" acrylic painting

Lauren Latané-Valis, “Freedom”, 2018, acrylic on canvas panel, 5in x 7in.




"Unintended Consequences" mixed media artwork

Jim Roberts, “Unintended Consequences”, 2018, mixed media, 7in x 5in x 2in.




pen & ink with watercolor artwork

Mary Beth Francis, untitled, 2018, pen & ink with watercolor, 5in x 7in.