TOXIC (isolated image gallery)

"Polarity", screen print on plastic
Jeff Sharp, “Polarity”, 2019, screen print on plastic, 6.375in x 4.375in.

Plastic is both the life saver and life taker. The low cost and unique qualities of plastic have become an essential part of life in the 21st Century. How would we ever live without it? We are, however, literally drowning in it. Take a drive down any street in America, and you will undoubtedly come across an empty water bottle or other single use plastic. Garbage patches float in the oceans containing tons of microplastics get ingested by sea life and can even end up as part of the human food chain. Attempts to recycle plastic now seem futile and we receive little if any guidance about what to do about it.

This work illustrates the polarity of plastic and emphasizes the fact that plastic never decomposes, only breaks down into smaller microplastics that end up swirling around in our waterways.

-Jeff Sharp 3/2019

"I am Toxic" acrylic on trash covered panel
Lauren Latené-Valis, “I am Toxic”, 2019, acrylic on trash covered panel, 5in x 7in.

In order to minimize my personal impact on the environment, I began researching the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle. In order to address the changes I would need to make, I examined the products I consume on a daily basis. It is overwhelming to realize how much excess waste could easily be eliminated by making conscious choices as a consumer and considering sustainable resources. For this piece, I saved all of my trash for a day and used what I collected to create a self-portrait that reflects the toxic nature I am striving to change.

-Lauren Latené-Valis 3/2019

Toxic Shock, mixed media artwork
Mary Beth Francis, untitled, 2019, mixed media, 4in x 2in.

"Gideon's Libel" carved book
Thomas Sterner, “Gideon’s Libel”, 2019, carved book, 7.5in x 5in.

"Gideon's Libel" carved book
Thomas Sterner, “Gideon’s Libel”, 2019, carved book, 7.5in x 5in.

"Gun Shaped Bible Verse Confetti" 350 pages
Thomas Sterner, “Gun Shaped Bible Verse Confetti”, 2019, 350 pages, 2in x 2in.

"Toxic Deck of Cards" digital prints on card stock
Thomas Sterner, “Toxic Deck of Cards”, 2019, digital prints on card stock, 5in x 3.5in.

‘Toxic’ has taken on new meaning as a descriptor for dominant topics that instigate extreme viewpoints.  I chose to juxtapose subjects such as religion, guns, sex, reproduction and sexuality, by carving the pages of a Gideon’s Holy Bible with a gun, a uterus, and a sperm silhouettes.  The piece is entitled ‘Gideon’s Libel’.  The bible was taken from a hotel room in Disney World and will be returned to another hotel room as a Stealth Art Placement piece.  Offshoot works were created by collecting the resulting 350 ‘Gun Shaped Bible Verse Confetti’.  The verse segments take on new meaning in this context.  In ‘Toxic Deck of Cards’ I point to the dangerous games that are played in politics and media exploiting the passions surrounding gun possession, reproductive rights, and sexual identities and freedoms.  Toxic judgements are prevalent and fierce in our polarized society.

-Thomas Sterner 3/2019

"Salt and Pepper", mixed media artwork
Jim Roberts, “Movers and Shakers”, 2019, mixed media, 5in x 5in x 4.5in.