RITUAL (Isolated Image Gallery)

"A Calm Mind is the Way" letterpress print
Jeff Sharp, “A Calm Mind is the Way”, 2019, letterpress, 6.375in x 4.375in

Of all of the founding fathers, I’ve always admired Ben Franklin the most. Inventions and cold air baths aside, I am intrigued by his morning ritual of asking the question, “What good shall I do this day?”  Not really having a daily ritual of my own, beyond that which I consider habit or routine, I thought contemplating the phrase “A calm mind is the way” would be a great way to start each day.  Not only does it provide a center of focus, settling the mind and relieving anxiety when one wakes up, but also works really well as a first step for dealing with conflict.

The phrase, “A calm mind is the way”, comes from Japanese calligraphy I received from a middle school principal during my travels to Japan in the fall of 1998.  Similar to the function of Japanese phrase calligraphy hanging in a Japanese tearoom, this letterpress print is to be viewed and ritually contemplated.

"Reliquary" mixed media artwork
Jim Roberts, “Reliquary”, 2019, mixed media, 7in x 5in x 2in.
"Delivery" mixed media artwork
Lauren Latané-Valis, “Delivery”, 2019, mixed media, 3in x 4in.
"25,728" mixed media artwork
Lauren Latané-Valis, “25,728”, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 5in x 5in.
"Yeah Right and What the...", edited digital photograph
Mary Beth Francis, “Yeah Right and What the…”, 2019, edited digital photograph, 6in x 4.75in.
"Losing Sight", digital photo collage
Mary Beth Francis, “Losing Sight”, 2019, digital photo collage, 6in x 4.75in.
"Morning Ritual" digital photo collage on card stock
Thomas Sterner, “Morning Ritual”, 2019, digitally modified photographs, 5in x 5n.

These 81 photographs represent the first hour of my day, and all the things I do during the first 60 minutes daily, from waking up to going into my studio.