INVERSION (isolated image gallery)

"Image Path" mixed media artwork
Thomas Sterner, “Image Path”, 2019, pinhole photograph transfer to wood on steel, 3in x 3in x 4in.

A depiction of the inversion and reversal of optical paths.

"Awake is she." acrylic and tissue paper artwork
Lauren Latané-Valis, “Awake is she.”, 2019, acrylic and tissue paper, 5in x 7in.
"Starving Artist" letterpress print
Jeff Sharp, “Starving Artist”, 2019, letterpress, 6.375in x 4.375in

Generally speaking, it has been my experience that people don’t want to pay good money for art and design. This is especially true if they ask you “for a small favor” that involves using your art skills. “Wow, that looks great and much better than I can do…and it only took you like a day or two to do it!”

"outside in" mixed media artwork
Jim Roberts, “outside in”, 2019, mixed media, 4.75in x 7in x 2.5in.
"Hung Out to Dry" ink and watercolor artwork
Mary Beth Francis, “Hung Out to Dry”, 2019, ink and watercolor 7in x 5in.

If a person remains inverted for too long, the heavier organs press the air out of the lungs and so much blood overwhelms the heart, which can not pump hard enough to move it. Sometimes life and sometimes people turn us upside down and leave us out to dry.

“Concentric Inversion" digital image artwork
Thomas Sterner, “Concentric Inversion”, 2019, digital image, 5in x 5in.

90 degree rotations of a diminishing cloud/horizon image, 4 rotations.

Mary Beth Francis, “–“, 2019, acrylic on panel, 1in x 3in.
“Leonardo Does a Cartwheel" carved PVC with marker artwork
Thomas Sterner, “Leonardo Does a Cartwheel”, 2019, carved PVC with marker, 5in diameter x 3/4in thick.

Whimsical play on Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man; it rolls to execute the cartwheel.

Mary Beth Francis, “—“, 2019, ink on paper napkin 7in x 3in.