FATIGUE (isolated image gallery)

"Energy Stone stone, fabric and silkscreen on chipboard, artwork
Jeff Sharp, “Energy Stone”, 2020, stone, fabric and silkscreen on chipboard, 1.75in x 3in x 3in.

When extreme exhaustion hits, the concentrated primordial power of the energy stone will help you feel instantly energized, rejuvenated, and ready for action!

Mary Beth Francis, “Worn Thin”, 2020, mixed media, 3in x 3in (5in with rock).

This work, made from an old shopping bag handle, is inspired by a trusty old bag whose handle is worn down to literally one thread. Every grocery store checker distrusts it, but for years that strand has carried more weight than it should be able to manage. More impressive is the power of the human spirit to persist through fatigue, heart in the balance, frayed, continuing until there is rest.

“Mother Earth in a Man Made Coffin" granited and locust carved artwork
Thomas Sterner, “Mother Earth in a Man Made Coffin”, 2020, carved granite & carved black locust, 4in x 7in 5in.

The effect of humans on the health of planet earth may be irreversible. Each selfish act that ignores its impact on the future is another nail in the coffin of Mother Earth.

"getting at the truth" mixed media artwork
Jim Roberts, “getting at the truth”, 2020, mixed media, 5in x 5in x 3.5in.

In today’s political climate, finding the truth is getting more and more difficult.

"Dreaming of Sleep" acrylic, rhinestone and paper pulp mixed artwork
Lauren Latané-Valis, “Dreaming of Sleep”, 2020, acrylic, rhinestone and paper pulp, 7″x5″.