TURN (isolated image gallery)

"Always Moving" mixed media artwork
Lauren Latané-Valis, “Always Moving”, 2019, mixed media, 5in diameter x 1in thick.
"tables turned" mixed media artwork
Jim Roberts, “tables turned”, 2019, found objects, spices, beeswax and transfers, 5in x 5in x 4in.
"Life Turns" mixed media artwork
Thomas Sterner, “Life Turns”, 2019, carved oak, plastic, steel ball, poem, 6in diameter x 1.125in thick.
"Pawn No More" watercolor and ink artwork
Mary Beth Francis, “Pawn No More”, 2019, ink and watercolor 5in x 7in.
"The Artist Game" solvent print and plastic artwork
Jeff Sharp, “The Artist Game”, 2019, solvent print and plastic artwork, 5.125in x 5.125in.

As a 25 year art veteran teacher, I’d like to call myself an “artist”, but to be honest, I suck at playing the artist game. Whenever I try to play the game, I almost always land on something other than “Make Art!” Once I finally get around to actually making art, I then don’t know what to do with it. Maybe once I’m done helping young people make their art I’ll get better at it.