IDIOM (isolated image gallery)

"WH Coronavirus Briefing" mixed media artwork
Jim Roberts, “WH Coronavirus Briefing”, 2020, mixed media, 7in x 5in x 6in.
"Think Big" mixed media artwork
Thomas Sterner, “Think Big”, 2020, Sharpie on white balloon, with plastic and wood, 7in x 5in.

I like the idea of drawing on a material that can expand to 100x its size, and thinking so big that your head explodes. 

"Don't hold your breath" mixed media artwork
Lauren Latané-Valis, “Don’t hold your breath”, 2020, acrylic & medical tubing, 7″x5″.
"Doesn't Amount" mixed media artwork
Mary Beth Francis, “Doesn’t Amount”, 2020, beans and acrylic paint, 2in x 2in.
"On it" mixed media artwork
Mary Beth Francis, “On it”, 2020, rice and acrylic paint, 2in x 2in.
"Blowing Smoke" marker & ink drawing
Mary Beth Francis, “Blowing Smoke”, 2020, marker and ink 4in x 5.5in.

When it comes down to it, what matters more than whodunit is that it was done and may have been preventable. In March 2020, people started celebrating the dramatic decrease in school shootings of late because schools are largely shut down. I hope never to have to hear a debate on whether viruses kill people or people who spread viruses kill people. I hope we continue to find, especially through community effort, ways to focus on preserving lives!

"Stay the Fuck Away (It's in the Air)" Letterpress and Gocco Print
Jeff Sharp, “Stay the Fuck Away (It’s in the Air)”, 2020, Letterpress & Gocco Print on Sewn Fabric, 4.5in x 6in.

A summation of living under shelter in place orders during the Coronavirus 2019-2020 Pandemic. Each day you get a foreboding, and with every scheduled Governor’s press conference, we learn a little more about how our lives will change, possibly forever.

“It’s in the Air” is the formal title of the ” Stay the Fuck Away!” letterpress/gocco print representing the transmission (aerosol) and thus prevention method (social distancing) of the Covid-19 virus. Walking around in public during the pandemic, one can’t help but feel anxious around other people. It’s nobody’s fault, and no one wants to be rude, but deep down you know what everyone is thinking…

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