The nineteenth tabletop happening of 5×7 UNDERGROUND occurred on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 from 5-7 p.m. “Newton’s Third Law” was the theme and chosen by member, Thomas Sterner who also add a few stipulations which were as follows: the use of wax was prohibited, artists had to make 2 pieces that were intended to be hung together, and the work had to be titled.

Taking advantage of the Stage 3 reopening of Maryland as well as the nice summer weather, 5×7 UNDERGROUND met once again live and in person at Sterner Art Factory in Silver Run, Maryland. We were all very glad to get away from the Zoom meetups.

And if you are at Sterner Art Factory during the summer, you can bet there will be wood-fired pizza…which there was in great abundance. Gotta love the asparagus pizza and homemade dough. Thanks Thomas!

Artists in attendance included: Jeff Sharp, Mary Beth Francis, Jim Roberts, Lauren Latané-Valis and Thomas Sterner.

Each artist presented their interpretation of Newton’s Third Law beginning with Thomas Sterner. After each 5×7 UNDERGROUND artist presented their work in rotation, the work was displayed for a gallery photograph. Each work was also photographed individually and can be viewed in the formal gallery. We hope you enjoy the art and will visit us again!

Feel free to leave some comments below and visit and/or join our Facebook group as we invite all interested artists to create an interpretation of the next theme, “open” (5″x7″ or smaller please) and post it to our Facebook group page. 5×7 UNDERGROUND will then post their artworks on the Facebook group page after the next happening on August 27th, 2020. We continue to grow our online community and encourage dedicated artists everywhere to participate!

The image below depicts 5×7 UNDERGROUND interpretations of the theme, “Newton’s Third Law” as displayed at Sterner Art Factory, Silver Run, MD.

5×7 UNDERGROUND Tabletop Gallery #19