The twentieth tabletop happening of 5×7 UNDERGROUND occurred on Thursday, August 27th, 2020 from 5-7 p.m. “Open” was the theme and chosen by member, Mary Beth Francis. “Open” was to be interpreted as the word or the concept.

5×7 UNDERGROUND met once again live and in person at Sterner Art Factory in Silver Run, Maryland. No pizza this time due to the deadlines Thomas faced for his “Water Lily Wave” way-finding sculpture created for Carroll Creek Park in Frederick, MD.

Artists in attendance included: Jeff Sharp, Mary Beth Francis, Jim Roberts, Lauren Latané-Valis and Thomas Sterner.

Each artist presented their interpretation of Open beginning with Mary Beth Francis. After each 5×7 UNDERGROUND artist presented their work in rotation, the work was displayed for a gallery photograph. We hope you enjoy the art and will visit us again!

The image below depicts 5×7 UNDERGROUND interpretations of the theme, “Open” as displayed at Sterner Art Factory, Silver Run, MD.

5×7 UNDERGROUND Tabletop Gallery #20
Mary Beth Francis, “”, 2020, , 5in x 5in.
Lauren Latané-Valis, “untitled”, 2020, mixed (wood, acrylic, collage), 7in x 3in.
"leaving home" mixed media artwork
Jim Roberts, “leaving home”, 2020, mixed media (found objects-cocoon, egg shell, cicada, wire, beeswax on gessoed birch panels), 5in x 5in x 2.5in panels (3 panels, horizontally arranged with 1.5″ spacing)
“Think Outside the Box" mixed media artwork
Thomas Sterner, “Think Outside the Box”, 2020, plywood with giclee prints, 5in x 5in x5in.

We are taught to stay within the lines and conform to rules. This piece advocates for thinking outside that box.

"We Are Open, Come on in..." Risograph Print
Jeff Sharp, “We Are Open, Come on in…”, 2020, Risograph, 5in x 7in.
"Come in We're Open..." Risgraph Print
Jeff Sharp, “Come in We’re Open…”, 2020, Risograph, 5in x 7in.

These are 2020 takes on the “Come in, we’re open” shop sign.   I don’t understand the resistance to wearing masks in indoor public places, but these signs were designed as subtle reminders to “please wear your fucking mask.”  As I heard one local shop owner on this topic, “I’ll trust science on this one.”