#DRAWWESTMINSTER5X7 is 14 weeks of drawing prompts to encourage the Westminster community to observe, draw, experience and share what makes Westminster, Maryland a great place to live, work and play…in other words, what makes Westminster Awesome!

We are excited to announce that the following businesses will be participating in #drawwestminster5x7! This means that they will be one of the drawing prompts for ONE week during the summer AND will be giving away a gift card to the artist of their favorite sketch!

Sunny Daze Smoke Shop June 12- 8, 2021-Giving away a $50 gift certificate for their favorite sketch & look for a 15% off flash coupon sticker inside of the sketchbooks.

AYO! Boutique June 19-25, 2021-Giving away a $100 gift certificate and gift bag for their favorite sketch.

White’s Bicycles June 26-July 2, 2021-Giving away a $50 gift certificate for their favorite sketch.

Furnace Hills Coffee July 10-16, 2021-Giving away a $40 gift certificate for their favorite sketch & look for a 15% off flash coupon sticker inside of the sketchbooks.

Coffey Music July 17-23, 2021-Giving away a $50 gift certificate for their favorite sketch.

5×7 Underground has been awarded the Hey Westminster, Let’s be awesome! grant for April 2021! This means that #DRAWWESTMINSTER5X7 will be fully funded through this generous $1000 grant!

Anyone can draw. Sometimes all that is needed is a little inspiration, purpose and encouragement.  Local artist group 5×7 Underground has come up with 14 weeks of Westminster themed drawing prompts for the summer of 2021 that will be posted on 5x7underground.com, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Members of the community are encouraged to draw one or all of the prompts in a travel sized sketchbook using any desired style or media and share their work on social media using the #drawwestminster5x7 hashtag.

Why a travel sized sketchbook? Because great art doesn’t have to be big and travel sized sketchbooks are great for quick sketching en plein air (in the open air) and easy to grab for art on the go!

To help encourage a summer of drawing throughout Westminster, 5×7 Underground is giving away 100 5×7 travel sketchbooks with brush pens at the 5×7 Underground vendor’s booth during the 2021 Carroll County Arts Council Art in the Park to the first 100 people who display the coupon below on their mobile device. Printed coupons will also be accepted. First come, first served, one travel sketchbook and brush pen per person per coupon while supplies last. Please be prepared to share your name and an email address in exchange for the drawing materials so that we can send you the prompts each week. We promise not to spam your inbox!

5×7 Underground Travel Sketchbook & Zebra Fine Brush Pen

In exchange for the sketchbook and pen, we are asking that each recipient draw as many of the #drawwestminster5x7 drawing prompts as possible in their 5×7 Underground sketchbook throughout the summer, and to post their drawings to social media with the #drawwestminster5x7 hashtag.

Seven (one for each day of the week) #drawwestminster5x7 drawing prompts will be posted on this web page and social media each Saturday from June 5th until September 4, 2021. Draw the prompts each day during the week or all at once. It is completely up to you!

Visiting downtown Westminster to complete your drawings en plein air is highly encouraged, though sometimes photographic references will do nicely. Participating artists may wish to sketch each prompt separately or combine prompt images together into a collage-like drawing. You do not need a 5×7 Underground sketchbook to participate.

Old Firehouse Clock Drawing Prompt Sample Sketches

Old Firehouse Clocktower Sketch, Thomas Sterner, 2021
Old Firehouse Clock Sketch (collage style), Jeff Sharp, 2021
Old Firehouse Clock Sketch, Lauren Latané-Valis, 2021
Old Firehouse Clock Sketch, Mary Beth Francis, 2021

Most importantly, have fun and get out there and draw Westminster!