5×7 UNDERGROUND is a small community of dedicated artists based in Westminster.  We meet bimonthly to discuss and share artwork made to represent individual interpretation of a common theme.  Each theme challenges and provides purpose and freedom to explore what the artist believes to be truth. The work is always 5”x7” or smaller and created from any desired media or technique.  We gather at different locations for each bimonthly happening.  Themes are chosen in turn by members.


Like many good ideas, 5×7 Underground’s inception began in a bar over beers during happy hour. Born out of a need for self-expression, the need to produce more art, and the need to produce art of meaning, 5×7 Underground artwork will likely not match the fabric of your couch.


5×7 Underground artists strive to provoke thought and questions — not answers — with our art.  We honor each work as it stands and value experimentation.


The artists of 5×7 Underground hope to inspire others to make more art and form art groups of their own.


Currently, 5×7 UNDERGROUND is: Jeff Sharp (co-organizer), Mary Beth Francis (co-organizer), Jim Roberts, Lauren Latané-Valis, and Thomas Sterner.  Former members include: Peter Towson (summer 2017-winter 2018), Josh Remmel (summer 2017).  Membership is by invitation only and we are currently not seeking new members.  We are not snobs; we just want to keep the group small.  However, we do encourage virtual participation through our Facebook group!  All work will be posted on this site and we encourage your comments.