Art Gallery For Everyone, has returned!

The ART GALLERY FOR EVERYONE is a mini art gallery in a public space, accessible to all; placed in a location outside to be noticed and enjoyed by anyone who happens by. It is not a destination, but a pleasant surprise. The ever changing collection of mini-artworks are meant to spark thought and be pondered long after you walk by, and perhaps later revisited for a new experience.

Please note that due to the vandalism this gallery has endured in the past, we have not only strengthened the gallery, but placed a surveillance camera inside the gallery in the hopes of deterring future destruction. We will NOT be using the camera to survey viewers, only to dissuade potential vandalism to the gallery.

It is important to note, that we do not seek punishment for the vandals, but a dialogue about public art and its value to the community at large.

Lastly, note that the camera has been disguised as an artwork made from the soda bottles the young vandals (we know for certain it was a group of 3 young men riding bicycles) left behind thus proving you can make art out of anything.

Please consider taking a selfie with the gallery and post online using the hashtag #artgalleryforeveryone5x7.

We would love to hear your comments as we have plans to make and place more The ART GALLERIES FOR EVERYONE in other local areas.

Lastly, Please Respect Art, Don’t Try to Destroy It.

Art Gallery for Everyone #1.2 (Wakefield Valley Trail), 2021