Sadly, Art Gallery For Everyone, has been vandalized. The gallery was an art project/experiment and attempt to share art directly with the community. For ten days we succeeded. We view this as a temporary setback and will repair the gallery in due time. It is our view that art should NOT be confined to art galleries and should be accessible to everyone. Look for an improved Art Gallery For Everyone soon!

Respect Art, Don’t Try to Destroy It.

Art Gallery for Everyone Temporary Notice, 2021

The ART GALLERY FOR EVERYONE is a mini art gallery in a public space, accessible to all; placed in a location outside to be noticed and enjoyed by anyone who happens by. It is not a destination, but a pleasant surprise. The ever changing collection of mini-artworks are meant to spark thought and be pondered long after you walk by, and perhaps later revisited for a new experience.

Art Gallery for Everyone #1 (Wakefield Valley Trail), 2021
Art Gallery for Everyone #1 (closeup), 2021
Jeff Sharp, “Unity over Division”, 2021, Letterpress, 4.25in x 3in.

A message of optimism, hope and moving forward for 2021. Unity ALWAYS wins over division.

Mary Beth Francis, from “Force = Mass x Acceleration”, 2020, acrylic paintings, 2in x 2in.
Jim Roberts, “before & after”, 2021, mixed media, 3in x 3in (each piece 1.5″x3″)
Mary Beth Francis, “Worn Thin”, 2020, mixed media, 3in x 3in (5in with rock)

This work, made from an old shopping bag handle, is inspired by a trusty old bag whose handle is worn down to literally one thread. Every grocery store checker distrusts it, but for years that strand has carried more weight than it should be able to manage. More impressive is the power of the human spirit to persist through fatigue, heart in the balance, frayed, continuing until there is rest.

Thomas Sterner, “Leaf Blessing”, 2018, digital photo composite printed on cotton paper, 3in x 4in.

This hand gesture known to some as Spock’s “live long and prosper”, is originally an Aaronic Blessing performed by a rabbi with both hands. The rabbi looks through their hands to the person(s) they are blessing. Constructing these hands from leaves, with the viewer looking through them to the sky, I am depicting a blessing of all of nature, and our commitment to it.

Lauren Latané-Valis, “Attachment”, 2021, acrylic on canvas board, 5in x 7in

Feeling attached to the earth, sky, sea.